This version contains the following updates:

  • You may now search on the Department field of a request in the Search Tab on the Dashboard.

  • With this version forward, we are replacing the term 'Special Condition' with the word 'Tag'.  This simpler word is more descriptive.

  • In the interpreter profile tab "Availability", you can now specify a date range for 'Unavailable Days'.  This makes it a lot easier to enter periods of time like vacations for an interpreter's absence.

  • Starting with this version, when a client user changes the duration of a request after it has been assigned to an interpreter, the interpreter will receive a text message showing this change.  An email will continue to be sent to the designated audit email address advising of the change as well.

  • A check box has been added to the Interpreter Profile/Payment Information tab called. 'Uses Drive Time'.  This box will default to being checked.  If you uncheck that box, 'Drive Time Padding' will not be used in calculating the availability of this interpreter.  This should only be used for interpreters who need to be able to accept back-to-back jobs with the assistance of an Admin.

  • Various bug fixes and behind the scene code changes.