See the article "Invoicing a Customer"  The first 7 steps are exactly the same.  However, at step 8, we want to choose “Pay Interpreters”.
You will now see a screen similar to the one below.  In the upper portion, you will see a list of interpreters awaiting payment.  They are sorted first by those that have items approved for which they have not been paid.  These then are sorted by date.  Following those are interpreters with activities awaiting approval.  If you select an interpreter in the upper section, the details will show for that interpreter in the lower section.
Click the “Pay” checkbox for each of the activities that you want to pay at this time or choose the “All/None” checkbox if there are a lot of them and you want to pay them all.
When you do that, you will get a form that resembles a check like the one above.  Fill in the Check # if you know it.  Otherwise it can remain blank.  If your Atrium is integrated with Quickbooks, you check or uncheck the box as you desire.  You may add a memo if you like and click the “Process Check Button” button.  
A pdf of the check request will appear and you can print or save it as you wish.  The report can always be run again under the “Reports” menu item.  When you are done, close it.
Observe that the activity you just paid the interpreter for no longer shows on the screen.
You are now free to pay another interpreter or to do other activities in Atrium.