There are currently 18 email messages that are sent by the system triggered by various events:

    INT_REGISTERED -- When a potential applicant creates an id and password and begins filling out their profile, the INT_REGISTERED event takes place and an email is sent to the registrant's email from the company email with the id and password.
    APP_COMPLETE_INT -- When an applicant completes registration and clicks submit the button the APP_COMPLETE_INT  email is sent from the company email address to the email address supplied by the application.  This advises the applicant that their application was received and is being considered.  Their status will change from Applicant to Under Review
    APP_COMPLETE_BIZ -- At the same time as the APP_COMPLETE_INT event, APP_COMPLETE_BIZ email is sent from the company email address to the company email address.  This message alerts the receiver that there is an applicant to be evaluated.
    APP_APPROVED -- When the the status of an applicant is changed to Interpreter, Translator or Translator/Interpreter from Under Review the APP_APPROVED event is triggered and a message is sent to the employee email from the company email.  This message is typically used to welcome the interpreter aboard and give them preliminary instructions.
    NEW_EMP -- When the button labeled Grant Access to Interpreter Portal is clicked on the Interpreter Payment Information Tab the NEW_EMP event is triggered and an email is sent to the interpreter email from the company email advising of their id and password and any other information which may be appropriate at this time.
    FORGOT_PASSWORD -- When the Send Password to Email button is clicked after clicking the Forgot Password link on the log in widget, the FORGOT_PASSWORD email message is sent with the new password.  This can be used by any registered user.
    NEW_PASSWORD -- If an Admin changes the password of a user, the NEW_PASSWORD email message is sent to the user's email from the company email.
    JOB_CANCELLED -- When a job assignment is cancelled by the interpreter, the JOB_CANCELLED message is sent to the company email from the company email.
    CANCEL_JOB_INT -- If the interpreter is removed from a job, the CANCEL_JOB_INT message is sent to the interpreter email from the company email.
    PREFERRED_INT -- When an interpreter is offered a job by virtue of clicking the Send button next to their name on a request, the PREFERRED_INT email message is sent.
    EMP_REQUEST -- When the Send button on an interpretation request next to the interpreter is clicked, the EMP_REQUEST email is sent to that interpreter from the company email advising they have been assigned to the job.
    NEW_CLIENT -- When a user of type Client is created in the Administration/Maintain Users menu item, the NEW_CLIENT message is sent to their email address from the company email address.
    AUDIT_ALERT -- The AUDIT_ALERT email message goes to the company email (or any email designated for this message) when there is change of date, time, location or cancellation of a job.
    AUDIT_ALERT_CLIENT -- If the changes as shown in AUDIT_ALERT are done by a client, then the AUDIT_ALERT_CLIENT message describing the change is sent to the email designated for it.
    CLIENT_CONFIRMATION -- When the Send Confirmation Email button is clicked in the Service Requested By section of an interpretation request, the CLIENT_CONFIRMATION email is sent to the email address in the email address field below the contact.
    EMP_REMINDER -- When the Send Confirmation Email below the List of Assigned Interpreters is clicked, the EMP_REMINDER message is sent to the email addresses of those in this box from the company email.
    CLIENT_CONFIRM_SCHEDULED -- The CLIENT_CONFIRM_SCHEDULED message is sent at the designated time in advance of the date/time of service for an interpretation if it is configured to do so for that customer and that job.  The message goes to the same email as the CLIENT_CONFIRMATION.
    CLIENT_INT_ASSIGNMENT -- When an interpreter is assigned to a job and and that request is saved, the CLIENT_INT_ASSIGNMENT message will be sent to the same email address as in the CLIENT_CONFIRMATION.
I will add another article with typical wording for these messages and also a list of the dynamic fields that can be substituted in the messages.