Atrium allows you to send requests to your partner agencies who are also using Atrium.  When you do this, the request will be automatically inserted into your partner agency’s instance of Atrium and any changes that you make to the request will be updated in their instance of Atrium as well.  Here is how it works:


Inform Atrium that you wish to set up a partner agency as our support team has to set up that secure connection for you.  Please send an email to to make this request.

When you want to send a request to your partner agency, just click the Send button on the Interpreters tab of the request as you normally would.  You are now able to see the request number that has been assigned in your partner agency’s instance of Atrium.  Knowing that request number allows you to communicate more efficiently with your partner agency.

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The partner agency is able to see all of the request details, including the request number in your instance of Atrium.

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Any changes that are made in your instance of Atrium, including the date/time, location or estimated duration of the request are automatically reflected in your partner agency’s instance of Atrium.

When your partner agency assigns an interpreter, your instance of Atrium is updated with the assignment and the interpreter’s name.

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If you assigned the request to another interpreter before your partner agency is able to assign an interpreter, the request is automatically voided out in their instance of Atrium with the reason Agency Withdrew Request.