With version 8.6.2, the following enhancements have been done:

  • Credentials Management -  See this article on how to use all the features of credentials management in Atrium.  
  • Dropdown list of Medical Departments - Here is how to configure a list of departments by customer for your large clients who need to have a department specified.
  • eTimesheet Link - Your customers with Client Access will now have a link to be able to see the eTimesheet when time has been submitted via the Interpreter Mobile App as well as link to the paper timesheet image, if one has been uploaded.
  • You may now have multiple invoice formats.  If you have customers that require different formats for their invoices, you may now have LSP Ware create these custom invoices for you and be able to select which invoice format each customer should receive.
  • Interpreters will now receive an SMS message (if that is activated and they are marked to receive SMS messages) when a request is Voided or UnVoided.
  • Localization of email template dates is set for our customers who require a different date format than we have used in the past.