We are pleased to announce the first deployment of Version 8.5.  It contains the following:

  • You may now manage the request contacts that are created when you enter them to a request.  Please see this article on how to merge them so you can get rid of unwanted contacts in the Requester Contact field of a new request.

  • There may now be a different rate charged for the minimum hours of an activity than for hours over the minimum.  Please see the new article on How to Manage Cost and Bill Rates.  It explains not only about the two-tiered rate, but also how to manage the rates for all activities.

  • A new criterion was added for Cost Rate Overrides - Bill To.  This simplifies cost rates since many times, the customer with multiple locations will determine the cost rate for interrpeters.  See the above link to How to Manage Cost and Bill Rates.  It is described there.

  • If you are seeing this Help Doc, then you will be connected to our new Help Docs which replaces what we had previously.  We hope you like the new format.

  • Minor Bug Fixes