This latest version of Atrium 10 has several new features that we are pleased to be able to include:

Search for and Merge Duplicate Consumers

You are now able to search for and merge duplicate consumers within Atrium 10.  There is a new button in the Databases-Consumers screen that allows you to set the criteria for searching for duplicate consumers.  You can then drag and drop the consumers to merge them.  This feature is available in Atrium 10 only. 

Please see this article in the Help Center for more information.

Track the Reasons for Removing an Interpreter From a Request

You are able to designate certain tags to indicate why interpreters are removed from requests by your scheduling team.  If a user with Admin or Scheduler authority removes an interpreter from an request, a pop-up will appear for you to enter a reason.  This is just like the pop-up for you to enter a reason for a void/cancellation.  There are reports that can help you track and manage these unassigned reasons. 

Please refer to this article in the Help Center for more information.

Maintain Company Settings

The ability to configure your company settings is now available in Atrium 10.  This is part of our on-going process to move all of the functionality from Atrium 8 into Atrium 10.