This latest version of Atrium 10 has several new features that we are pleased to be able to include:

  • Atrium 10 Chat:  Your Client Users can now easily reach out to an Admin or Scheduler.  You will shortly be receiving information about how to sign up for this feature and about a special offer.  In the meantime, here is a link to the help document on how to use this new feature.

  • New Document Translation Feature:  Atrium 8 and Atrium 10 now have fields for tracking document translation.  You will no longer have to keep track of translations in a separate application.  Take a look at the new Document Translation request type.

  • Maintain Users is now available in Atrium 10:  We are working diligently to get all the Atrium 8 functionality into Atrium 10 and we are on track to complete that this summer.  The addition al Maintain Users to the Administration menu in Atrium 10 is a big step.  Besides you in house admins and schedulers, this will make it easy for the Client Users you have designated as 'Client Admins' to be able to manage their users with the new Atrium 10 interface.  You can see that the new Atrium 10 Maintain Users screen is clean and easy to use.

  • For those of you who use Quickbooks integration, there is a fix in this version so that having special characters like &, < and > in your customer, vendor or activity does not cause an error.  

  • The Email Audit Trail for a request will now show you which Admin was logged in when an email event was triggered.  

  • There are several small bug fixes for background items