You will be provided with the URL, ID and password to log in to the Atrium Interpreter Portal, if this service is offered by your agency. When you log in, you will first see a screen which has a number of tabs. The first of these is “My Profile”. This is where you keep your contact information up to date. You may edit all fields on this tab with the exception of Languages. This will be maintained by an agency Admin. Note that you may upload your resume from this screen as well. Once uploaded, the file name will appear on screen and you may click this file name to see the document.

The next tab is “Calendar” and shows you jobs to which you are assigned in a calendar view. It contains the same information as the tab labeled “Assigned Jobs”, but in a convenient view. The “Calendar” view can be shown in Day, Week or Month views.

Just double click a job to see its details.

This works the same way in the Assigned Jobs tab.

You can click the “Generate Timesheet” link to download a printable timesheet if you need one.

You can fill in this paper form and fax or email it, or, a much easier way is to click the Record Time tab. You can now use the Upload Timesheet button if you still need to submit a digital copy of your timesheet. Or, the easiest way is to click the Add Task button. This will put the default task and the scheduled time in as an activity for this job.

You can now use the controls to change to the correct activity and adjust the start and end time. If there is more than one activity on this job, you can add the additional activities. Once the information is correct, click the Save button. This activity information is now added so that the Admin can approve it for payment to you.

There may be a Tab called “Open Jobs” which lists unassigned jobs for which you may be qualified. You can double click on these jobs and, if permitted, click to accept them with the “Assign This Job To Me” button.

You can click the “Closed Jobs” tab to see all the jobs in your history. The length of your history will depend on when they were last archived. Double clicking a job will open up a form which will allow you to look at the details, including the activities which were approved for it.

The final tab is “My Payments”. This tab will allow you to find and view the Check Requests that were created in order to make payment to you for the jobs you have done

Double click the item to see the check request.

There is a lot of information and tools available in the Interpreter Portal, but the Mobile App provides even more tools for keeping up with your paperwork.